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Swamped Decemeber 5, 2006

Live a Live - Armageddon
Artist's Notes: My MIDI collection of Live A Live music has been progressing a lot since I first started undertaking that task a couple of months ago. By now there's only a handful of songs in the OST that are without MIDI counterparts, so at this rate this could even be clear by February if it keeps up. Nonetheless, my next sample of progress is a transcription of "Armageddon", the music you hear when you get the worst ending possible. It wasn't easy to figure out something as complex melodically into a MIDI format, but I think I did fine with this one. Thanks for hearing this, and if you want to see more of what I've done, explore the New-Files area of VGMusic and see what you can find :)
organ General Submission midi
Danimal Cannon
Dragon Quest IV - Saro's Vengeance
Artist's Notes: This song is from Dragon Quest 4 for the NES and it is the music playing when you fight Necrosaro, he doesn't have a specific theme heard in the game other than during this battle. The source material, despite the extremely odd rhythms is actually entirely in 4/4 meter. That staccato grooving 4/4 is very similar to a lot of rhythms done by the band Meshuggah, so a lot of the arrangement is inspired by the sort of polyrhythms they do often. Melodically the piece resembled a lot of King Crimson stuff with diminished and some whole tone scales also hinted at. I expanded on that sort of idea with the whole tone breakdown in the middle and added in a 5/4 section during the solo where I was trying to emulate something King Crimson might do. The source material was pretty challenging but I really loved how it fit those particular styles.
rock Competition Submission mp3

> Without music, life is a journey through a desert - Pat Conroy

So it seems I was a little off with my title last week. I used the wrong phrase to celebrate my second year at RPGamer. Seems 'Bon Anniversaire' refers to birthdays, not actually anniversaries. I knew there was a reason I should have paid attention in French in high school. However, I am not totally in the wrong, because in an ironic twist of fate, my birthday was yesterday. So I guess it all works out in the end.

Enough of that, let's get to the music. First off we have a MIDI transcription from the Japan-only Super Famicom RPG, Live a Live, brought to us by Rexy. Truly an impressive work, as I really must say, I'm hard pressed to follow all of what is going on in the piece, let alone transcribe it myself. Following that up, we have our first entry into the "Anthem of the Unsung" contest. Dan, Danimal Cannon, guitarist for the VG band Armcannon steps up to give us his take on Necrosaro's theme from Dragon Quest 4. I'll save any commentary on the piece for the contest judging, but I will say this: mentioning King Crimson and Meshuggah in your song description is impressive.

That's all for this week. Remember, only 10 days until the deadline for Anthem of the Unsung, so get to work on your remixes. Myself, I need to get back to trying to pass my classes this semester. Twenty page paper, ahoy!

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