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Jumpin' Jehosephat   13 Oct 2004
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So there I was, laying peacefully in my bed, enduring the comforts of slumber. After only five hours of sleep, I awoke this morning around 05:30, so it didn't take me too long to fall asleep this evening.

Suddenly, I had a vision! It was a vision of grace and beauty! It was...destroyed by the equally sudden realization that I hadn't updated, and now I can't remember what my vision was.

So here's your update this week. Christian Pacaud returns with a piano arrangement of Celes' Theme from Final Fantasy VI, the very first attempt to fulfill the newly-implemented challenge in Sound Test. The only thing I can say to describe it is 'haunting.' An excellent addition to the Sound Test archive.

I created an information page concerning the monthly challenge, and even though it's still a work-in-progress, it has been made available. Remember, it's not entirely finished, and there are some specific technical issues concerning some thingies.

I know I'm being vague; I just woke up about twenty minutes ago. It will eventually be consolidated into the Competitions page, but that's a project for next week.

So keep working, faithful RPG music fans! Your music is wanted and needed!

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Piano The White Knight (Final Fantasy VI)
Christian Pacaud - website

I always thought Celes was the most interesting and well-developed character from the game's cast... Always struggling between her allegiances and her friendships to the point where she almost destroys herself; strong yet still fragile. At the time, many years ago, I felt really attached to her story and I can remember playing the melody from her theme on the piano. It was only natural that Id choose this theme for the challenge, now that I have the possibility of putting my own touch to this wonderful piece, so here it is. Now Im feeling nostalgic, might have to take the old SNES out of the closet!


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