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Uh, woof. But I'm back in school, hurrah hurrah.

A well-portioned selection of music this week. I think there might have been a misunderstanding; my comment about sending in pieces thirty- to forty-five seonds in length was semi-facetious. By that, I mean that there is no requirement for the length of your submissions. Anything will make me happy.

Anyway, there's a pleasant variety of music this week, including another collaboration of regulars Tom Plets and Matt Bryant. With this being their second piece done together, I anticipate seeing more collaborative works from them, and hopefully their teamwork and end result will inspire their fans to do collaborations of their own.

One more week to get in your remixes for your favorite RPG of 2003. Remember, if you don't know how to get started arranging something through whatever medium you may be using, drop a line on the message board, check out my Basic MIDI tutorial, visit these threads at, or send me an email.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Rock This is Our Last Battle (Broken Mix) (Final Fantasy III)
Tom Plets and Matt Bryant

From Tom: For my part of the “base remix” that Matt used for the final mix, I started with a Harp and Flute intro that leads into the overdriven kick and synth snare beat with pizzicato strings. After that, the main part of the mix is comprised of a overdriven guitar with synth brass in the background. Then Matt, using his array of effects, refined it to perfection.

From Matt: I really had a lot of fun putting this together, and got to utilize some digital effects I've never used before.

The remix starts off as an entirely different battle tune, and then starts to skip, like a broken record. As the skipping continues, the song actually "breaks", which leads to sound effects of a mechanic to come out and "fix" it. I know that sounds odd, but you'd have to hear it to understand. After a few hiccups, the remix is repaired, and the true remix starts. It's intended to be silly. :)

To build on Tom's base mix, I used strings for the introduction of the song, and as it kicks in I switched over almost fully to heavy distortion guitars. My intention was to make the entire piece sound a little wild.

At one point, the two tracks split and go into seperate speakers (but unlike our Smithy remix, my mix is in the right speaker, and Tom's in the left).

Definitely one of the more wacky and unique works I've done, it was a blast to put together. Thanks again to Tom for collaborating!

mp3 Classical Awakening (Final Fantasy VI)
Tom Plets

A very soft, faraway and almost sad sound to this remix. I picked mostly the same instruments from the original song but other than that it’s a very simple remix.

mp3 Classical Dragon's Breath (Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)
DarkeSword - website

-2003!- I didn't play many RPG's in the past year, but I did enjoy Zelda, Wind Waker. Here's a super short orchestra treatment of the Dragon Roost Isle theme done all dramatically and stuff. Piano, strings, and horns make a presence along with some choir. Enjoy.

Classical Goodnight! (mp3)
Goodnight! (MIDI) (Lufia: The Ruins of Lore)
Patrick Waters

-2003!- Disgracing my credibility to work for an RPG website, I didn't have a lot of opportunities to play many RPGs last year; I really only played Ruins of Lore and The Wind Waker. Since I didn't like the latter all that much, the Lufia game was the most logical choice for a remix. Presented here are the MIDI version and a sampled, mp3 version. Took me all of an hour to arrange. ^^

mp3 Classical Fields (Final Fantasy XI)
Matt Bryant

-2003!- This is, by far, my largest arrangement to date. It contains about 60 instruments, from flutes and other woodwinds, to harps, brass instruments, strings, a vocal choir, and so on. It's pretty much an orchestral piece, but the largest one I've ever put together, as the scope of the original piece is so huge.

Not much more to add about it, other than I'm very pleased (okay..relieved) with how it turned out, as it took nearly 45 minutes to export it from my remixing app. :P Enjoy!


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