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03 Dec 2003 - Sword of Man--uh...

Well, I had a glorious time away from everything. I was going to toss up that MIDI guide before I left, but I had less than an hour to copy-paste whatever I had sent via email to those who asked for help. Speaking of which, sorry to those who emailed me about MIDI, since I'm probably going to disenfranchise you a bit. ;_;

Anyway, everyone can now read up on getting your MIDI on. Before anyone asks, I'm still trying to figure out how to make that sidebar more accurate.

Another quality update this time. With the recent release of the newest incarnation of the Seiken Densetsu series, a frequent submitter offers his remake of the overworld theme. Or at least I think it still is the overworld theme; I haven't played it yet.

I swear, this winter break will be a winter of change. I'll be better to the Sound Test than I have been. I mean, there's not much for me to do but behind-the-scenes maintenance work, but I've been too out-of-mind to do it.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Delusional Extremities (Valkyrie Profile)

I was hoping to capture a "live band" feel with this effort. And while it can be extremely challenging coming up with convincing "solos" in MIDI - especially since I can't PLAY an instrument! - I'm still pretty happy with the final result.

BabelAbel (Final Fantasy II)

A little annoying piece, indeed.

Endless Battlefield (Sword of Mana)
Tom Plets

Went for a exceedingly big sound on this piece. It starts with the main theme playing in the background then building up to let the drums and strings in.

Spider - A New Spin (Diablo II)
O Boy

Here's a remix of a remix (re-remix??) I did earlier this year. The choir samples are from the same library Matt Uelmen used, therefore explaining why it sounds very much like the original. I wanted more of a weird vibe than the original's ominous vibe, so I threw in some silly little effects in the beginning for some interesting colors.

Bass lines are my weakness, and this tune is not an aberration from that comment. I think it's less than stellar, but....I also think it works for the tune.

Dream Egg (Dance Mix) (Xenogears)
Haroon Piracha

This is a song for Project Majestic Mix. Itís actually a remix of the original song I did for PMM for their new trance album coming out soon. This is just a little preview of what the actual song might sound. I love Xenogears. I like how the soundtrack of Xenogears is smooth and very flowing and sensual, kind of like some dance/trance tracks that are out there.

A lot of people told me that the tune brings back old classical NES memories for some reason. If you like it, thanks, if you donít, I hope my next song will be something you might look forward to.

Legend of the Sacred Sword (Seiken Densetsu series)
Patrick Waters

Another old piece of mine that I redid. New samples equals betterness. It's a fairly straightforward medley of tunes from the four Seiken Densetsu games: Rising Sun (Final Fantasy Adventure), Angel's Fear (Secret of Mana), Swivel (Seiken Densetsu 3), and Title Theme (Legend of Mana). It was done back in my 'everything needs to be a piano concerto!' phase.


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