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30 Oct 2003 - Le Sacre de l'Automne

A quickie this week. I got very sick two days ago into yesterday and today, and thus I would very much enjoy my own demise. This cold is not a welcome treat.

Hahaha! Geddit?! 'Treat'! And my name is Trick!

...I should never speak again.

Half of the submissions for the week are Halloween-y, which would be fine if there were more than, say, four. They're spooky, so I'm happy about that. At least, as happy as I can be without rupturing my sinus cavity. I'm throwing on a piece I did two years ago but never released. I also got an email from a former Sound Test curator about a new IRC server and channel for video game mixes: #vgmix. If I wasn't so sick right now, I'd head over there, patronize a few people, and poof! More content. But I'm sick, so none of that.

The update archives have been finished, and it took me a lot longer than I wanted. You see, my predecessor was rather...inconsistent with his updates and keeping track of them. I've tidied up as many as I could (in his updates as well as earlier ones), so now everything should be working fine until I forget to update the archive myself.

I've gotten a few submissions for the artist archive, but because I've been so busy, I've had no good chances to go through them. Be patient.

Patrick 'Trick' Waters
Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Gothic Neclord Halloween Remix (Suikoden II)
Matt Bryant

This was amazingly difficult to put together. It definitely doesen't sound like it all that complex, but it took me bloody FOREVER to find a good set of organs that sounded satisfactory when played at the higher notes that are in the mix. At any rate, as stated, it's a very organ-heavy arrangement, with a distortion guitar thrown in, and even several strings and synth-techno (?!) instruments pop up. And yes, towards the end, that IS a witch's cackle sound effect. I'll be blunt; the opportunity was FAR too cheesy to pass up. :)

Dungeon Halloween Remix (Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)
Tom Plets

Making a spooky remix was harder then I thought! Happy Halloween!

Bloody Tears (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)
Doby Gillis

It's a remix of Bloody Tears (and a little bit of Level 2 from the original Castlevania at the end) that I'm using as the first level music on the demo of my flash Castlevania rip-off.

Ancient Hero (Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)
DarkeSword - website

I greatly enjoyed the Wind Waker soundtrack. One track I loved in particular was the story theme in the beginning, and its subsequent harp version as Sage Laruto's theme. The melody was so beautifully written I felt that it deserved a full orchestral rendition. This piece explores that theme, as well as touches upon the Main Theme of The Legend of Zelda. I hope everyone enjoys this work as much as my last submission.

Another World (Dragon Quest VI)
Patrick Waters

I was reluctant to supply this with this update, entirely because I use GigaStudio (or at least should be using) and purchased a Bösendorfer piano sample that I haven't been able to test out its features yet. Anyway, this is a re-arrangement of the more technically challenging Another World from the Dragon Quest VI On Piano album. I made it slightly more challenging. And better.


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