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09.19.01 - A New Beginning

Wow, Matt's leaving must have really affected everyone. I've had hardly any submissions!

Who am I? Oh right, I forgot to tell you! I'm Ross. Ross Bemrose. You might know me as Powerlord.

I know everyone is dying to hear that there has been progress judging Audible Vortex. I wish I could say yes, but due to some minor technical difficulties, we haven't started judging entries yet. Be patient, judging will begin sometime in the near future.

Unlike every other new music updater, my first order of business isn't going to be to rename the music section. "Sound Cave" works fine for me!

You can send me fanmail at I do insist, however, that submissions be sent to That way, in case I'm out of town or sick, someone else can cover for me.

  • Most Wanted

  • The Sound Cave Most Wanted:

    Diablo II
    Final Fantasy (Wonder Swan Color additions)
    Skies of Arcadia
    Suikoden 1 & 2
    Valkyrie Profile

  • Music Notes
  • The following scribings are notes from the composers about their featured pieces in the updates. Their email addresses can be found next to their contributions, found below.

    MP3 Remixes

    "Perdition Hardcore" (Final Fantasy VIII) by Orkybash
    Remix of 'Only A Plank Between One and Perdition' from Final Fantasy VIII. Very experimental, at least for me.

    "Boss Battle GBA" (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue) by Mathew Valente (TSSF)
    I remade the song so it's playing from actual GBA software ;D

  • Creation Tips
  • No Creation Tips for this week. :P
  • Current Competitions

  • Audible Vortex

    Click the logo or go here to read about it. Note: Entries are no longer being accepted.

    Music Compo 2001: Audible Vortex

  • Weekly Silliness
  • The Flames At The End... well, it's similar to ATG's "The Flames of the End". I doubt that was intentional though.

    ICQ - I'd prefer email instead. ;P
    Ross Bemrose
    Music Submissions -

    Sound Cave Navigation
    Resonance from the Cave

    MP3 Remixes

    Chrono Trigger - To Far Away Times Mix by Braxus.

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy - Chaos Temple by Kaijin.
    Final Fantasy 4 - Zeromus Mix by Braxus.
    Final Fantasy 6 - Decisive Battle Mix by Braxus.
    Final Fantasy 7 - Doomed World by Orkybash.
    Final Fantasy 8 - Perdition Hardcore by Orkybash.

    Eternal Blue - Boss Battle GBA by Mathew Valente (TSSF).

    Seiken Densetsu
    Seiken Densetsu 3 - Few Paths Forbidden by Orkybash.

    Xenogears - TeaRZ oF THe PHuTCHa by KHaLVYL.

    Midi Composition

    None this update.

    Digital Music

    None this update.

    Tablature, Sheet Music, and Etc


    Chrono Trigger - Battle Theme (Updated) by Cody Gratner.

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy - Battle Theme (Updated) by Cody Gratner.
    Final Fantasy - Gurgu Volcano (Updated) by Cody Gratner.
    Final Fantasy 2 - Battle Theme (Updated) by Cody Gratner.
    Final Fantasy 6 - Techno de Chocobo (Updated) by Cody Gratner.


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