The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time - News
·Monsterous Zelda Bundle Confirmed for European Release 03.31.2003  
·Zelda Gets an Official Release Date in Australia 03.31.2003  
·Return of the Golden Zelda 01.26.1999  
·Ocarina of Time to Play On 01.07.1999  
·Nintendo to Ship 5 Million Zeldas 11.19.1998  
·EB Sells Out of Zelda 64 11.17.1998  
·Zelda Presell Soars 11.16.1998  
·Fast Selling Zelda 11.04.1998  
·First areas of Zelda : OoT revealed 10.15.1998  
·Get Zelda and more free from EB 10.06.1998  
·Zelda returns to being an elusive gold prize 08.31.1998  
·Nintendo gives gold to all Zelda fans 08.29.1998  
·Nintendo to release gold Zelda cartridges 08.26.1998  
·Zelda 64 in the UK 06.15.1998  
·Zelda 64: Title and release date 05.14.1998  
·Zelda 64 guaranteed for '98? 08.29.1998  
·Parasite Eve, Zelda 64, and much more 04.07.1998  
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