Zelda 64 guartanteed for '98?

Zelda 64 could be the make-or-break game for the Nintendo 64. Lagging behind the Playstation, especially in Japan, the system needs a boost. It's mostly agreed that Zelda 64 is probably the game to give the system that needed boost, but will the delays ever end?

Originally planned for the DD64 add-on, Zelda 64's move to standard N64 cart was the first blow the DD64's fate. The oft-delayed game is now scheduled for release this year in Japan, and in an interview with the fan site Nintendojo, Nintendo's Dan Owsen said Zelda 64 will also arrive in 1998 in America.

"It will be out this year. Nintendo needs this game to keep its momentum up through Christmas. We can't ride GoldenEye 007 forever!" Owsen said.

Source: Nintendojo

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