Fast Selling Zelda

    Tuesday, Nintendo announced that it expects Zelda: Ocarina of Time to easily be the best selling game of 1998, with projected sales of 2 million units. At a toy conference Tuesday, Nintendo of America Executive Vice President Peter Main had the following to say:

"We estimate that the best selling game for any dedicated platform or PC, for all of 1998, will be Zelda 64, by a comfortable margin. And it will only be on sale for the last 39 days of this year."

    In order to achieve that many sales, in such a short time period, Nintendo has poured $10 million into an advertising campaign that includes movie trailers (played in approximately 11,000 theaters), commercials, and magazine ads.

    In related news, EB World announced Tuesday that it has completely sold out of the Gold Zelda64 cartridges and the exclusive pre-sell items.

Source:[Video Game Heaven and EB World

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