Get Zelda and more free from EB

   Electronics Boutique, the national franchise designed to aid you in wasting your time better than you ever thought possible, has announced that gamers can pre-order and own a copy of Zelda : The Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 at a cost of no money whatsoever.

   As much as we'd like to end this story right here, a slight drawback to the plan is that you need to trade in either three N64 games (with the exception of Dark Rift, Hexen 64, and War Gods) or four PlayStation titles (thankfully, Beyond the Beyond has not been excluded). The deal ends October 31st.

   As an added bonus, Electronics Boutique is also offering a gold-colored plastic bag of Hyrulian goodies for those that pre-order Zelda, in addition to the golden cartridge. Expect to find a T-shirt, a large fold-out map poster, and to doubtlessly impress your friends, character tatoos.

   Our local branch of EB was not informed of either promotion at the time of this story, but it should be safe to assume that those who trade in older cartridges will nab the golden plastic bag o' goodies in addition to those who pay with cash.

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