Nintendo to ship 5 million Zeldas

    An insider at Nintendo has revealed the company plans to 5 million copies of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time by the end of January. The spokesperson went on to say, "It's no secret that Zelda is seen as Nintendo's great white hope. I think that (the) amount of sales will go a long way to revitalizing Nintendo in Japan."

    The source also explained that Nintendo has had some concerns about the marketing of the game. "The main problem that we've had, is basically, how do we get across simply how good a game it really is. It's so much more than a great looking game. I think everyone that's played Tomb Raider will instantly realise(sic) what a superb title we have in Zelda. This is what an RPG should really be about." (ED: I really don't think he intended to imply that Tomb Raider is an RPG).

    In other Zelda news, a date of December 11th has been set for the UK release of Zelda 64.

Sources: [FGNOnline]

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