Zelda returns to being an elusive gold prize

   It seems as though Nintendo won't be as quite as free handing out the gold copies of Zelda as many sources had previously thought. Apparently, there was a brief mix-up the Nintendo Consumer Service headquarters in Redmond, where the line reported that the golden cartridge promotion for Nintendo's upcoming Zelda : The Ocarina of Time would be extended to offer all copies of the game in the golden color.

   RPGamer spoke with a Nintendo representative to clear up the story. He explained that the plan to offer a gold cartridge to those who pre-order the game between October 24th and November 22nd had never altered, although he did not deny a mix-up. What does this mean for those that pre-order the game before the 24th of October, though? The representative explained that it is up to the retailer of the game to order enough limited-edition copies to meet pre-order demand, and individual retailers may be able to offer gold cartridges to those who reserve the game before the initial promotion date. On the other hand, he explained that if a retailer doesn't order enough gold copies, even the gamers who pre-order during the promotional phase may not be guaranteed a gold cartridge.

   If you're doing everything you can to get a gold copy for that collector's shelf, RPGamer's advice is to call your retailer and ask them about their individual plans for shipment and ordering of the gold copies. Look for more information on the game's release as we get it.

Source: [FGN Online and Nintendo of America]

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