Final Fantasy II - News
·Square Enix Lifts E3 Curtain, People Say, "Ooo" 04.25.2005  
·Final Fantasy I & II Destined for Game Boy Advance 04.09.2004  
·Final Fantasy I & II Headed to North America 11.25.2002  
·Square Goes Soft For PSX Gamers 09.22.2002  
·Final Fantasy I & II Soundtracks On the Way 08.26.2002  
·Final Fantasy I and II headed to the PlayStation 07.17.2002  
·Classic Final Fantasy News 07.14.2002  
·More Details on the Final Fantasy II Remake 02.25.2001  
·Final Fantasy II Logo and Package Deal 02.21.2001  
·Square Unleashes Information Explosion 01.22.2001  
·Final Fantasy II To Be Released Against Game Boy Advance 12.12.2000  
·Final Fantasy 1, 2, and 3 announced for WonderSwan Color 08.15.2000  
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