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Japanese publications have been releasing teaser information for an upcoming announcement by Square. The sources are reporting that a Final Fantasy I & II remake is on its way to an undisclosed system. Likely candidates include the original PlayStation or Game Boy Advance. Released for Bandai's WonderSwan Color just over a year ago, Final Fantasy I & II have already been completely remade with new graphics, gameplay features, and sound. Whether these enhancements will be included in the remake remains to be seen. Whatever happens, a release on either of the two predicted systems could easily set both games up for a North American release.

Square's WonderSwan Color remake of Final Fantasy III for the Famicom has mysteriously been dismissed from its current line-up. With its information page removed from PlayOnline without explanation, it is currently up in the air whether the game will ever be released on any system. Stay tuned to RPGamer as we bring you next week's announcement concerning the Final Fantasy I & II remake, and as we further investigate Final Fantasy III's fate.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [RPGFan]
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