Final Fantasy I and II headed to the PlayStation

Square has officially announced that it will be releasing Final Fantasy I and II on the PlayStation. The games will be released separately in Japan this fall and will retail at 3800 yen each ($32.61 USD). A special edition containing both games, action figures, and an art book will also be released, retailing at 8800 yen ($75.53 USD).

Both games will feature enhanced graphics, even more polished than the graphics used in their WonderSwan Color remakes. Brand new movies at the beginning and end of each game will be added, and all of the gameplay enhancements in the WonderSwan Color versions will be retained, such as the dash and auto-target features.

Given the success of the Final Fantasy name in North America, both titles will likely be released locally, although solid confirmation has yet to come from Square EA.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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