Final Fantasy XII - News  
· Final Fantasy XII Receives Release Date and Collector's Edition 06.28.2006  
· Square Enix Pre-E3 Event Features New Games, New Details 05.08.2006  
· Final Fantasy XII Soundtrack Announced 03.21.2006  
· Final Fantasy XII Judges, Chocobos Steal the Spotlight 01.21.2006  
· Final Fantasy XII Gets Magical 09.23.2005  
· Dragon Quest VIII Receives Release Date, Final Fantasy XII Demo 09.21.2005  
· Mysterious Youth Joins Vaan and Friends 09.15.2005  
·Final Fantasy XII Information Unchained in Famitsu 09.08.2005  
· Matsuno Bows Out of Final Fantasy XII Roles 08.01.2005  
· Final Fantasy XII Theme Song Revealed 07.30.2005  
· Japanese Final Fantasy XII Release Date Disclosed 07.29.2005  
· New Final Fantasy XII Characters, Summons Detailed 07.20.2005  
· Square Enix Party Detailed, Final Fantasy XII Announcement Announced 06.17.2005  
·Square Enix Lifts E3 Curtain, People Say, "Ooo" 04.25.2005  
· Square Enix President Comments on Gaming Industry 03.03.2005  
· Final Fantasy XII Release Gets Narrowed 09.29.2004  
· New Race Information Added to Final Fantasy XII Website 09.10.2004  
· PAL Version of Star Ocean 3 to Contain Final Fantasy XII Footage 08.21.2004  
· Final Fantasy XII Site Updated 08.21.2004  
· Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy XII Soundtrack Samples 08.06.2004  
· Final Fantasy XII Sub-site Goes Live 06.29.2004  
· Final Fantasy XII Cast Grows 06.04.2004  
· Matsuno Discusses Final Fantasy XII, Sakaguchi Adds His Two Cents 05.27.2004  
· Square Enix Announces Great Expectations 05.21.2004  
· Final Fantasy XII Delayed 05.06.2004  
·Sony E3 Lineup Leaked 04.28.2004  
· More Details on FFXII Newest Character 04.25.2004  
· New Character Emerges from FFXII 04.16.2004  
· Wada Declares Possible Immortality of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy 02.28.2004  
· Uematsu Tells All 01.11.2004  
·Famitsu Offers New Final Fantasy XII Information 12.17.2003  
·New Final Fantasy XII Character Confirmed 12.11.2003  
·New Final Fantasy XII Details Emerge (Updated) 11.20.2003  
·New Final Fantasy XII Details Emerge 11.19.2003  
·Final Fantasy XII Sneak Peek 11.14.2003  
·Square Enix Dashes FF Hopes For 2004 11.02.2003  
·FFXII to Make a Show in Tokyo 08.01.2003  
·Nobuo Uematsu Talks Final Fantasy XII 06.12.2003  
·Wada Looks to the Future 05.22.2003  
·First Final Fantasy XII Details Revealed 12.27.2002  
·Square Enix Discusses the Future 11.29.2002  
·Square Hints at the Destiny of Final Fantasy 10.30.2002  
·Square Reveals Fiscal Results; Future Titles Discussed 05.31.2002  
·Square Talks Final Fantasy 05.24.2001  
·Square Unleashes Information Explosion 01.22.2001  
·The Future of Final Fantasy 01.21.2001  
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