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Square Enix Announces Great Expectations


Square Enix

At a recent press conference, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada revealed the company's plans for the upcoming fiscal year and beyond regarding sales goals, upcoming games, and the possibilities for future titles.

Wada announced that Square Enix intends to sell 8 million units this upcoming fiscal year. The figure is twice the number of Square Enix's sales this past year, which reached 4.9 million units. However, the company faces some problems in meeting this goal. Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts II and Dragon Quest VIII should be finished at the same time. Of the three, only Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts II have vague 2005 release dates, while Dragon Quest VIII has no release date whatsoever. Square Enix's problem stems from the possibility that releasing the games too closely together will hurt sales for all three.

As far as future titles go, Square Enix is interested in developing for both the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS. The company is also looking to develop more online titles in hopes of drawing more new players into online gaming. Square Enix remains uninterested in the closed network of Xbox Live, but according to Wada, the company is still interested in what the console has to offer and has already talked with Microsoft.

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