Skies of Arcadia - News
·Skies of Arcadia Flying to New Platform 01.02.2004  
·Skies of Arcadia Legends Ships for GameCube 01.28.2003  
·OverWorks Further Enhances Skies of Arcadia Legends 11.18.2002  
·Skies of Arcadia Legends North American Release Confirmed 09.13.2002  
·Skies of Arcadia Cancelled for PlayStation 2 08.02.2002  
·Skies of Arcadia Details Emerge 07.31.2002  
·Sega Delays PS2 Skies of Arcadia 04.05.2002  
·Skies of Arcadia GameCube Developer Named 03.13.2002  
·Skies of Arcadia to Widen in May 02.25.2002  
·Skies of Arcadia Ported All Over the Place 10.12.2001  
·Free Skies of Arcadia Additions 12.08.2000  
·Skies of Arcadia Released 11.14.2000  
·Sega Announces @barai System 08.05.2000  
·Sega to Bring Eternal Arcadia Sooner Than Expected 05.09.2000  
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