Skies of Arcadia  
Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia takes place in a world where people live on flying islands. The hero is a young air-pirate, traveling from island to island via airship. Each island has its own particular culture and history adding another level of depth to the world.

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  Release Date  
10.05.2000 (Dreamcast) / 12.26.2002 (GC) Japan
11.13.2000 (Dreamcast) / 01/272003 (GC) US
04.21.2001 (Dreamcast) / 05.23.2003 (GC) Europe
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·Skies of Arcadia Flying to New Platform 01.02.2004  
·Skies of Arcadia Legends Ships for GameCube 01.28.2003  
·OverWorks Further Enhances Skies of Arcadia Legends 11.18.2002  
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