Skies of Arcadia Ported All Over the Place
Skies of Arcadia

Now that the Dreamcast is on its last legs, it seems only fitting that the exclusive games that were released on the Sega's beleaguered machine should be ported to other consoles. Many have already started appearing, though RPGs have mainly been skipped over. Sega of Japan has put an end to that trend, though, as it has announced that Eternal Arcadia (Skies of Arcadia in North America) will be ported to both the PS2 and Nintendo's upcoming GameCube.

SoA was voted RPGamer's Game of the Year in 2000, yet the smaller installed base of the Dreamcast means that many people missed out on it. No specific release details have been mentioned for either of the ports, and there is currently no word from Sega of America as to whether or not this action would be repeated on this side of the globe. The chances are good that an announcement is forthcoming, and RPGamer will have that for you if and when it happens.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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