Skies of Arcadia Cancelled for PlayStation 2

In an unfortunate announcement yesterday, Sega has announced that the Skies of Arcadia port to the Playstation 2 will be no more. After the indefinate delay announced in March, this announcement has been forthcoming for some time. The more prominent reason for cancellation, however, would be the development of the GameCube version. Because the GameCube port varies significantly from the Dreamcast version with new features, additions and the like, Sega decided to focus all its energies on the GameCube Skies of Arcadia game.

Overworks' RPG is considered by many to be the one of the greatest games for the Dreamcast and it's sad to find out that an incarnation will never find its way to the PlayStation 2. However, GameCube owners can still look forward to Skies of Arcadia as it heads towards completion.

by Jackson Keith    
Source: [IGN PS2]
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