Eternal Arcadia Gets A Super Quick North American Release

Eternal Arcadia was announced by Sega around the same time that Phantasy Star Online was showcased, and instead of opting to utilise the Dreamcast's internet facility like the aforementioned, it places more emphasis on the traditional approach. Initially, it was feared that the title might not make North American shores this year, but Sega have downplayed such fears and given the game a super quick release to boot.

Due out in Japan this summer, Eternal Arcadia will be winging its way to your local games store in September which is indeed great news for Dreamcast owners. This means Sega's translation team might already be working on the title, which gives the game a greater chance of rearing its head at this year's E3. RPGamer will deliver more news on this important game as it happens.

by John "Loch" Hynd    
Source: [Gamefan]
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