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Absolutely Fantastic! 04.24.2007
"There is no rest in music...only silence."
Fine Fantasy Music
Strawberry Eggs Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Soundtrack Review
Review Excerpt: "These tracks though are not all that bad and can be overlooked as most every other song is pretty good and several are truly magnificent."
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Greetings all! I hope that if the weather has been nice by you that you've been enjoying it. The weather here is absolutely fantastic! It's starting to get a little brisk but that won't stop me from bustin' out the flip-flops and sundglasses. Anyway, enough of my babble.

This week Strawberry Eggs brings us a great review of the great soundtrack, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. She brings a lot to the table, providing a great analysis of what's good, and what's so-so. This is a great review that you should all read, and then pick up the CD. Just as a reminder and courtesy to you I've included the review template in the top links bar now. Just save the txt file, enter your information, and send it, any questions can be sent to me through the link at the top "Contact the Curator," or you can ask questions on the board.

Just a reminder, Details for the contest can be found on the contest page. Round 1 "The Shy but Courageous One" is already underway! See the contest page for round 1 for more details. The deadline is May 15th, so get writing! Until next week, where I hope to return to the spaces of the web with something of my own, and maybe more than one submission a week. Have a great and safe weekend.

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo

Sound Test Curator

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