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Flicker, Bad News 04.04.2007
"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life."
My Love Luna
DragonAvenger & MaJIN SaN Lunar Silver Star Story - Boatsong Theme
Author's Comments: "During the fall I was contacted by MaJIN SaN to sing the Boatsong Theme from Lunar, Silver Star Story Complete. He wanted a simple cover of the melody, but also asked if I could come up with a harmony line as well. He had created a nice rearrangement of the theme and I enjoyed working on this piece. The vocals are a bit low in volume, but that will probably soon be fixed in the totally finished version later."
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I come with three pieces of bad news this week. First off, I am almost 26 hours later than I wanted to be, which is just not acceptable since I promised to bring you weekly updates. Secondly, my powerbook decided it would be a great idea to go to sleep every 2 minutes, and when it wasn't doing that the screen was flickering on and off. Furthermore, I have nothing exciting to tell you this week as I'm waiting on a few more loose ends. The good news is that DragonAvenger & MaJIN SaN have written a mix for you all!

Those of you familiar with DragonAvenger's work will know that she does a lot of a capella recordings and lately has been teaming up with arrangers in the world of gaming to bring you some quality stuff. MaJIN SaN does not fall short here and delivers a great accoompaniment that when paired with DragonAvenger's singing creates a really nice tune. It's a great display of what can happen when two quality mixers come together and work on a mix. I encourage this from all of you (as well as more submissions!).

So, the only thing I can tell you right know is that some really awesome things are coming to Sound Test; including a fairly large scale contest that I plan to have announced next week. Keep your ears listening and enjoy the rest of your week.

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo

Sound Test Curator

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