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Unpacking 03.20.2007
"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life."
Something Borrowed, Something New
Michael 'Macstorm' Cunningham Blue Dragon - Soundtrack Review
Author's Comments: "The soundtrack for Blue Dragon is a mixed bag. It does offer a good amount of originality, but a few tracks seem to borrow from Final Fantasy games while others don't impress at all."
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I've been back at University for about 3 days now and I'm just now getting around to unpacking my bags. I forgot how busy school was, not to mention how obnoxious. Summer break can only come so soon.

This week, Macstorm brings us another fine Soundtrack Review. The soundrack in question is Uematsu's latest, Blue Dragon, released not too long ago in Japan and coming to North America over the summer. Mac has some interesting things to say about the legendary Nobuo Uematsu that are definitely worth a read.

I'm a little dissappointed that no one submitted anything for this month's challenge. Perhaps it was too hard, so here's an easy one. Remix a tune in an Jig, Gaelic, Irish or however you wanna call it idiom. The challenge ends on April 14th. Winner gets to have their name, and the winning submission is immortalized in the sidebar for the duration of the next Monthly Challenge, along with a link to a short bio about them. Publicity and bragging rights, not too shabby. I look forward to submissions this time.

New quote this week. Take a stab at it this time folks. Talk it up in the boards, and visit #operahouse on RPGamer's IRC. Stay tuned as Sound Test is cooking up an exciting contest for the next few months. See ya next week.

Matthew 'barieuph' Russo

Sound Test Curator

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