Final Fantasy XII OST - Soundtrack Review

Grand Fantasy Rebirth

Track Listing
Disc 1
1.Loop Demo
3.Opening Movie (Theme of FINAL FANTASY XII)
5.Boss Battle
6.Auditory Hallucination
7.Secret Practice
8.A Small Happiness
9.The Royal City of Rabanastre / City Ward Upper Level
10.Penelo's Theme
11.The Dream to be a Sky Pirate
12.Little Rascal
13.The Dalmasca Eastersand
14.Level Up!
16.Coexistence (Imperial Version)
17.Signs of Change
18.Mission Start
19.Rabanastre Downtown
20.Mission Failed
21.Quiet Determination
22.The Dalmasca Westersand
23.Clan Headquarters
24.A Small Bargain
25.Giza Plains
26.Parting with Penelo
27.The Garamsythe Waterway
28.An Omen
30.Nalbina Fortress Town Ward
Disc 2
1.The Princess' Vision
2.Clash of Swords
3.Victory Fanfare ~FFXII Version~
5.Dark Clouds (Imperial Version)
6.A Promise with Balflear
7.Game Over
8.Nalbina Fortress Underground Prison
9.The Barbarians
10.Battle Drum
11.Theme of the Empire
12.Chocobo FFXII Arrange Ver.1
13.The Barheim Passage
14.Sorrow (Liberation Army Version)
15.Basch's Reminiscence
16.Coexistence (Liberation Army Version)
17.The Skycity of Bhujerba
18.Secret of Nethicite
19.Dark Night (Imperial Version)
20.A Speechless Battle
21.The Dreadnought Leviathan Bridge
22.Challenging the Empire
23.State of Emergency
24.Upheaval (Imperial Version)
25.The Tomb of Raithwall
Disc 3
1.The Sandsea
2.Esper Battle
3.Sorrow (Imperial Version)
4.Seeking Power
5.Deseperate Fight
6.Jahara, Land of the Garif
7.Ozmone Plain
8.The Golmore Jungle
9.Eruyt Village
10.You're Really a Child...
11.Chocobo ~FFXII Version~
12.An Imminent Threat
13.Clash on the Big Bridge ~FFXII Version~
14.Abandoning Power
15.The Stillshrine of Miriam
16.Time for a Rest
17.White Room
18.The Salikawood
19.The Phon Coast
21.The Sochen Cave Palace
22.A Moment's Rest
23.Near the Water
24.The Mosphoran Highwaste
Disc 4
1.The Cerobi Steppe
3.The Port of Balfonheim
5.The Zertinan Caverns
6.A Land of Memories
7.The Forgotten Capital
8.The Feywood
9.Ashe's Theme
10.Giruvegan's Mystery
11.To the Place of the Gods
12.The Beginning of the End
13.To the Peak
14.The Sky Fortress Bahamut
15.Shaking Bahamut
16.The Battle for Freedom
17.The End of the Battle
18.Ending Movie
19.Kiss Me Good-Bye -featured in FINAL FANTASY XII-
20.Symphonic Poem "Hope" ~FINAL FANTASY XII PV ver.~
21.Theme of FINAL FANTASY XII (Presentation Version)
Total Playtime: 4:53:44
Hitoshi Sakimoto - Main
Hayato Matsuo
Masaharu Iwata
Nobuo Uematsu
Tarô Hakase
Yuji Toriyama
Hitoshi Sakimoto - Main
Hayato Matsuo
Kenichiro Fukui
Yuji Toriyama
Robin Smith
Square Enix

   With the Final Fantasy XII OST, the musical reigns of Square Enix's flagship series have been handed over from Nobuo Uematsu to Hitoshi Sakimoto. For some, this change is a welcome one, for others a disappointment. While Sakimoto takes the lead on this work, he is joined by Hayato Matsuo, Masaharu Iwata, and to a lesser extent Nobuo Uematsu, Tarô Hakase, and Yuji Toriyama. Uematsu is not completely out of the picture as he composed the main vocal theme of Final Fantasy XII, "Kiss Me Good-Bye."

   Final Fantasy XII's 100 track offering is one of the grandest of the series. Many of the tracks sound as if they have come straight out of a movie score, not a video game soundtrack. Sakimoto's style is larger than life throughout most of the soundtrack, and it comes together quite well. One minor problem seems to be with the lack of many standout tracks. While most all of the pieces are pleasant, few seem to reach out and grab the listener. Also the fact that there is no recurring theme to tie things together is a minor downfall. Every piece stands on its own, and while this is not completely a bad thing, the soundtrack does lack a cohesive structure.

   Though this soundtrack is mainly Sakimoto's work, he does give quite a few nods to Uematsu and his earlier Final Fantasy pieces. Sakimoto has composed his own variation of the main theme titled "Final Fantasy." This piece is grand and flowing, especially compared to the original style of the piece. Other newly composed tracks are "Chocobo" and "Clash of the Big Bridge." While "Chocobo" is decent and well paced, it is "Clash on the Big Bridge" that truly stands out. This piece was originally an impressive track on the Final Fantasy V soundtrack; on this soundtrack it shines as well, being one of the most memorable.

   The quality of the soundtrack is not limited to just new compositions of Uematsu's music. Sakimoto has created quite a few unique pieces of his own. "Clash of Swords" is impressive. It's a very moving, intense piece with an original feel. Some other decent tracks are the mysterious "The Sandsea" and the fast-paced "The Phon Coast." While these tracks are good musically, they are easily forgettable, especially outside of the game. The soundtrack is a bit short on slower tracks, with the song "Kiss Me Good-Bye" standing out as one of the only emotional tracks. Hayato Matsuo, Masaharu Iwata, Tarô Hakase, and Yuji Toriyama all add a little something to the soundtrack, but the only track of note is "Symphonic Poem 'Hope'." This was featured in both the Japanese and North American game trailer and is quite enjoyable.

   Final Fantasy XII's soundtrack is quite good, but is better when listened to within the context of the game or as a whole, since so few tracks shine above the rest. Overall, Sakimoto's first attempt at composing and arranging a main series Final Fantasy soundtrack has been a success. It may not be the most memorable work out there, but it comes together as a solid soundtrack. It is one that is worthy of the Final Fantasy name.

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