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Give me a Break   22 Dec 2004
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No, this isn't some chocolate covered wafer commercial. Just stating exactly what I need; a break. And a break from what you ask? Oh, the wonderful 'My winter vacation just began and my body figured now is a good time to get sick' syndrome, or something like that. I'm not a doctor, so I can't tell you the technical term for it. So as you might guess, I've been slightly under the weather as of late, enough to inhibit my creative process, but not enough to stop me from going to work. Lucky me.

So it seems that the holidays are upon us and that means a few things. One of those things is that people are incredibly busy getting ready for this or that. As a result, my inbox was rather thin this week. On top of that, I wasn't feeling well enough to get my holiday themed mix complete, so I only have a small update for you this week.

Our update this week revisits Michael 'Darangen' Boyd's Chrono Trigger mix, The Fall of Zeal. This time around, however, he has submitted the song as a MIDI at the request of a fan. And who am I to deny that fan his MIDI file? The song sounds exceptional for a MIDI file, although there are a few moments where alterations would have been nice to make it sound a little more soothing. The problem with taking a finished sequenced file and reverting it to your source MIDI is that a lot of what goes on in the programing is designed with your software in mind, expecting certain reverbs and effects and so on. Despite all that, the song here still sounds great. Nice job again Darangen.

So much for a big update this week. Hopefully everyone won't be to busy playing with new games too get some submissions in. Don't forget the month-long remix competition is still going on and I would like to at least get some submissions for it. Also if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or otherwise input they would like to get to a new and easily influenced sound curator, send away to my e-mail link below.

Well, with that I turn my attention to the days ahead, full of family, friends and hopefully not being sick. Before I go though I want to say thanks to my close friend Veronica for creating my fantastic little banner that links you to my e-mail just below. With that said, I wish you all happy holidays and I'll see you next week in what will be the last update... of the year.

Remember, Sound Test now has a designated IRC chatroom on Espernet, #operahouse. Be sure to read the RPGamer IRC guide for more information.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 classical The Fall of Zeal(MIDI) (Chrono Trigger)

Someone emailed me and requested that I submit the MIDI file of The Fall of Zeal. Same description as the MP3, except it's all MIDIfied.


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   Submissions. Especially Monthly Challenge Submissions.


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