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Semper ubi sub ubi   15 Dec 2004
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Well, it seems that I finally have achieved the necessary means to do an update, so for this update, and future one, you will be getting your text straight from the horses mouth. Assuming that you think im a horse. Which I am not. As for Trick, he is here guiding me through the update process, and he will have some words for you all at the end.

This week sees the end of a lot of things for many of us. I say goodbye to my 3rd semester finals, which is a great relief. Many college students are saying goodbye to college as the semester ends. And most importantly, we all here at RPGamer are saying, with heavy heart, goodbye to our dear friend Trick.

In what appears to be his going away present to us, Trick has submitted two items this week. The first is a full score transcription of his arrangement 'Memorie di ultima guerra' from Lufia. His second submission is the audio to match that transcription. I don't have too much to say about these submissions other then that they are fantastic. I truly enjoy listening to the piece and having the sheet music to look at is always nice for a music major like myself.

With that all said, I will pass things on to Trick. But before I do, I just want to remind everyone that there is still the battle theme remix contest for this month. And its kinda hard to run a contest with no submissions for it. So get to work people!


At long last, I'm out. I had typed a fairly extensive apology (in its original sense) about why I'm leaving, but I've decided it's better for me to leave without any such spectacle. Lately, it seems that as soon as I come close to resolving one colossal problem, another one (this week, just as catastrophic) pops up, so I'm relieved to finally have this obligation passed. I'm essentially retiring now from the Internet and the music circles contained within, but I'm not disappearing altogether. In time, sheet music for the piano works I've arranged will emerge, as well as my bigger orchestral arrangements, if all fares better in my life than I expect. But for now, I simply need to go. Good luck in the future, readers, and remember: semper ubi sub ubi.

Remember, Sound Test now has a designated IRC chatroom on Espernet, #operahouse. Be sure to read the RPGamer IRC guide for more information.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Sheet Music classical Memorie di ultima guerra: Mvt I Introduzione (mp3) (Lufia series)
Memorie di ultima guerra: Mvt I Introduzione (sheet music) (Lufia series)
Patrick Waters

This is the sheet music to the first movement (Introduzione) of my renamed 'Memorie di ultima guerra' (Memories of the Last War), the excessively massive Lufia symphonic arrangement I finished this past year. I re-orchestrated the original release over the summer, but because I don't care to spend so much time further arranging something I've already arranged to death, the current version of the introduction does not match the recently published score. Note: the sheet music dimensions are 8.5"x14"


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