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Well, my life started really going to hell today, and I was hoping Matt would have all the tools and access he would need to solo an update, but apparently, I have to hang around for yet another week after this. Don't take that the wrong way--I'm not trying to be crass, but I'm simply not in a mood to do this today. Matt will be handling the majority of the textual content of this update.


Hey everyone, welcome to my first update. Well, sort of. Today I will speaking to you all vicariously through our good friend Trick. Seems there have been some bumps in the road to getting me situated here with the means to update the site, but hopeful that will be straightened out soon.

Well, it's been an interesting week for me outside the curator position. I just turned twenty, hooray for me, and I'm finishing of my 3rd semester at college. Of course end of semester means final exams and vocal juries. Exams are bad enough, but for those of you who don't know, juries are a nightmare. Think of it like this. It's like an audition, you go in, get no reaction from the judges, and then instead of leaving and hoping for a part, you leave and hope you didn't fail for the semester. Sound like fun, doesn't it?

Moving on though, we have two submissions this week. The first is a remix of Zeal's theme from Chrono Trigger, done by Michael 'Darangen' Boyd. The second submission is from your lovable new Sound Test curator, me. I am bringing you my first remix, not just for the site, but that I have ever published. It is a remix of Forever Rachel from Final Fantasy VI.

Listening to Michael's mix, a feeling of remorse and sadness can be instantly felt. Our friend Darangen does a fantastic job conveying his emotions through the music here, with beautiful instrumentation and haunting chordal movement. Excellent job, I look forward to more submissions in the future. As for my piece, it is my first attempt at publishing a remix that I have written. I hope it give you some insight into what I am all about. I'll let Trick speak about my work, since anything I need to say is down below.

Trick:'s nice. Everyone should download it. Forever. But don't kill our bandwidth.


Well, it's a busy week coming up. Hopefully, I can make it through with a passing grade in all my classes, and maybe even get situated here as well. I have big plans for the future, including competitions (with prizes), new material for updating, and other such surprises you will just have to suffer with anticipation to find out about. With that, I bid you a fond farewell.

Remember, Sound Test now has a designated IRC chatroom on Espernet, #operahouse. Be sure to read the RPGamer IRC guide for more information.

and Matt 'RedBeastMage' Foster
Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Rock The Fall of Zeal (Chrono Trigger)

I lost someone dear to me. So again, as with many of my feelings with life, I sat down and started playing the piano. I came up with the intro and the chorus part (0:00-1:00) minus the zeal part I added in later. I took a break and started playing CT again, and happened to be at Zeal and heard this tune. It hit my emotions and I was inspired to make this arrangement. It's in C Minor, and I don't think Zeal's theme was originally in C Minor, so I just made it fit and transposed it.

This is also my first released non-guitar arrangement, all done with MIDI through my super-old Casio CTK-650.

Thanks, and hope ya like it :)

mp3 Classical Eternal Rachel (Final Fantasy VI)
Matt Foster

I listened to the original song constantly, as its one of my favorite pieces from the FF6 soundtrack, and transcribed the melody and harmony. Then I added a bass line and filled in from there. I took my sheet music and put it into Reason, and came out with this. I hope you enjoy it.


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