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My Name is Boston   27 Oct 2004
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As I type this, the Red Sox are leading game four of the World Series against the Cardinals. I hope it's not being premature, but I've already started drinking.

AND there's a total lunar eclipse tonight. How freaky is that?

Not surprisingly, I received more applications for curatorship than music submissions. But Chris Carroll (a/k/a C2) is certainly making his presence known as a heavy metal remixer, adding to his repertoire a remix of Jenova's Theme from Final Fantasy VII. I love how awesomely dissonant it gets sometimes. Rockin'!

I'll wager that some of you would like me to divulge some information about the applications I've received and what I expect from these applications...

Pfft. As if. I can't say how many applications have been received by ASV or Castomel, but I wouldn't be disappointed to see more before the end of the acceptance period. If you're interested in the position, give it a shot! It's good practice for some of youse youngsters; you'll be applying for jobs sooner than you'd think!

I'm going to change some of the things involved with the monthly challenge before next week. A few things are just not practical for the music section, since I don't want Sound Test turning into a competition machine.

I think it was worth it to pass up watching Law & Order last week to watch the ball game, but now I need my fix. I'm such a Law & Order junkie.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Metal Jenova (Final Fantasy VII)

Jenova's theme was a great challenge. Especially on the guitar. I do hope everyone will enjoy what I have done with it. :)


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