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The Bane of Us All   01 Sep 2004
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Since it's technically still yesterday on the west coast, I'm dating this for yesterday to cover up my lame-itude in forgetting to do this, having been much-too-actively-engaged in an experience party in Final Fantasy XI. I'm lame like that.

Many, many thanks to madhtr for filling in whilst I recuperated from my incredibly unproductive summer by spending a week with my parents at home. And, as the Internet gods would bless, I came back to a healthy Sound Test.

Okie doke, back to business. Schools and colleges everywhere seem to be calling back their minions to partake the usual brain-washing. Hopefully, this won't discourage too many people from working on fun and nifty remixes. My first class is tomorrow (today?), and man, I can't wait for the semester to end already.

Now the music this week! Sean Lute has sent a particularly enjoyable arrangement of the world map theme from Xenogears, which he says might be lacking, but I think it's just as nice to hear someone else's touch on the theme. Well done, Sean!

Kevin Stephens and I, having met on competing video game music website, worked together on a relatively old project of his, and our comments are reserved for below.

Alrighty; next week, I'll revamp the Most Wanted section, since I've been informed that some people do pay attention to it. Until then, be kind to others, and be safe. Unless people are being mean to you and throwing stuff at you, in which case it's okay to hit them with a stick. Use multiple sticks as needed.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Rock Emotion (Xenogears)
Sean Lute

This is the world map theme from the RPG, Xenogears. It's probably a lacking arrangement, but sequenced by yours truly. My version comes off as more upbeat I think.

mp3 Classical Etude for Piano in F# minor (Fire Emblem: Dragon of Darkness and Sword of Light)
Kevin Stephens & Patrick Waters

Kevin: I was flipping through the NSF to the original Fire Emblem game looking for something to arrange, and the melody to this song stuck out. I immediately started working on an arrangement, and less than a week later this turned out. My thanks to trickwaters for assisting me by resequencing the piece, giving it a believable performance.

Patrick: Having seen the popularity of and listened to Kevin's original arrangement of this piece, I wanted to make my own interpretation of his 'etude.' I'm glad he gave me the chance to do this, as this has opened the doors for other collaborations between us.


Most Wanted
   Awaiting revampification...


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