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A Link to the Mystic Quest   24 Aug 2004
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Your usual updater, the great Trickwaters has been called away this week by our old foe real life so I, madhtr have stepped up in his place to take care of the business end of things back here. "Who am I?" some of you may find yourselves asking...... ummmm.... yourself. Well, most of you will remember me either from the forums or you may have read some of my news stories or looked at some of my media updates. If not, then you'll be pleased to know that i'm a fellow music lover who'd hate to see this section just sit around while Trick was away.

Anywho, now that i've bored all of you that are still reading, it's time to get down to business. We have two solid submissions for this update. The first comes to you from Keven Kelley in MIDI form while the second comes from Matthew Liam Smith in MP3 format. Keven's submission is a nice version of the Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past's opening track. Matthew's also takes us back to the past with a soothing track from Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
MIDI Sheet Opening Fanfare (Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past)
Keven Kelly

Well... This is my *very* first try at the whole... arranging thing. I think it went okay, except... not okay at all...

mp3 Piano Water: An Improvisation (Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest)
Matthew Liam Smith

I must admit to having a soft spot for Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, perhaps out of sympathy in light of the battering it takes from most RPG fans. My favourite facet of the game by far is the soundtrack, and my favourite piece in the soundtrack is the Ice Pyramid theme, used as the basis for this piece. It's sort of an experiment/study for a future project, but the result does stand on its own. The piece is intended to evoke the image of flowing water (as though the Ice Pyramid itself is melting), hence the use of the theme from the dungeon in Mystic Quest in which the Water Crystal is kept, as well as the ample use of rapid arpeggiation and tremolo. The result has turned into something of a mixture of Impressionism and minimalism - certainly the major influences at work here are the two books of Images by Claude Debussy, six of my favourite pieces by the French master


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