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Joyeux anniversaire du Bastille!

I have a pretty big backlog of personal email, since (as I neglected to mention in previous updates) I was away last week and received a surprising amount of legitimate emails, as opposed to the couple thousand spam emails I get per week. If you haven't gotten a response from me yet, you'll get it before next week. If, after that, you don't get one...uh...blame the television. It deserves it!

I also started playing Final Fantasy XI again, and as it turns out, my old character was still alive and well. A little behind his old friends, but still kicking. He's sold all his old, expensive equipment (due to a complete lack of foresight on my part), gave up being a THF/MNK, and started over on the path of the mages. He's hoping to eventually become a bard.

Enough game geekiness and onto music dorkiness. Jesus Muniz has submitted a MIDI from the wildly popular Kingdom Hearts. Good counterpoint, exceptionally good arranging, and overall good work. Former Sound Test (then-Audiophile) curator and once-prolific Mathew Valente has arranged my favorite Chrono Trigger theme, and has done so to near perfection. The music completely speaks for itself.

Remember when submitting files--you need to have '[Submission]' in the subject of your emails or else there's no guarantee I'll view it. At any rate, have a good week, all. And enjoy the music!

EDIT: (15.07.04) I noticed an egregious grammar error in my French, and it is now fixed.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
MIDI Classical Dive into the Heart (Kingdom Hearts)
Jesus Muniz

[Trick seems] to have a thing for "Final Fantasy" so I have a thing for "Kingdom Hearts" . This is a song called Dive Into The Heart, it plays after Sora defeats Riku for the first time in Hollow Bation, just before Sora unlocks the finale keyhole. Well hope everyone enjoys it.

mp3 rock Corridors of Time (Chrono Trigger)
Mathew Valente

A remix of Corridors of Time with soft steel and nylon stringed guitars, complete with a wonderful choir ensemble.

The song was mainly made for Chrono Trigger: Resurrection. RPGamer wouldn't let me promote the demo on their front page, so I took it to their forums. I also saw an opportunity to promote the project here by submitting this remix so here it is! :) I hope you all enjoy.


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