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The Stranger   30 Jun 2004
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    Pretty much done.

I'm going through a 'Name the updates after the titles of the limited number of novels I have' phase. You see, I have lots of books, but a healthy portion of them are either textbooks or biographies of composers for whom I have little interest.

Actually, I don't have more than five novels here in my apartment. I think that phase is over now.

On to the music! In fact, I lack effective words for all three submissions this update. Many commendations to Sean Lute, naia18, and Niels for their outstanding efforts in their arrangements.

Sean's arrangement, while incredibly close to the original, is remade well enough to perhaps surpass Uematsu's work. Boardie naia28 has submitted a MIDI, showcasing her sequencing skills and theoretical knowledge. And bonus points go to Niels for better recording quality. ^^

Sorry for the non-verbosity of this update. But just like last time, everything I got for this one is above and beyond what I was expecting. Send me more so I can have enough for next week!

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
MIDI Classical The End of the World (Kingdom Hearts)
naia28 - website

I decided to make a MIDI of KH and wanted to make it sound as accurate to the original as possible.

mp3 Classical It's Difficult to Stand on Both Feet, Isn't It? (Final Fantasy VII)
Sean Lute

I did this in Fruityloops; no other comments really.

mp3 Classical Eternity (Final Fantasy X-2)
Niels van der Leest

When I played Final Fantasy X-2 for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the opening tune. The urge to arrange the piece for my percussion group was so great that I arranged it within 2 days after buying the game. And here it is.


Most Wanted
   Anything at all! Really. Just anything.


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