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Bubbles! Bubbles!   16 Jun 2004
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How awesome is this--an update packed full of really good music?

The answer is really awesome. Yes. Well, let's get this started.

Three impressive MIDIs from Mark Phippen are included this week. Each are well arranged and produced, strikingly similar to the originals (that is...if I knew what the soundtrack of FFX-2 sounded like...).

SquareTex, a fairly old-bie, returns with an exquisite MIDI, and like he says, it's something you could get stuck in your head pretty easily. Remixed and made well, I hope he'll make more.

Another old-bie returns under a different pseudonym, and with company. Audigy and Techix remixed a track from one of my favorite games, and they did some great work. More more more!

Lastly, what I would consider a feature remix from Niels van der Leest, is a percussion ensemble arrangement of selections from Final Fantasy IX. While the quality of the recordings leaves a lot to be desired, it's among the most creative remixes I've heard in a while. Inventive and inspired, this is well-worth a listen.

Everything this week is above and beyond what I was expecting...I mean, I wasn't expecting any music this week, but if I was, these would have been amazing anyway. Keep it up!

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
MIDI Rock Underneath The Rotting Pizza (Final Fantasy VII)
Compression of Time (Final Fantasy VIII)
Eternity - Memory of Lightwaves (Final Fantasy X-2)
Mark Phippen

Here are 3 songs i recomposed...

MIDI Classical Freiluftmusik (SaGa Frontier 2)

While not the best song fron SaGa Frontier 2, this little number has gotten completely lodged in my head. So what better time to make a MIDI out of it. :)

I haven't played the game myself, but I read somewhere that it takes place during a quest in a water tower. Something about a rainbow...?

Hope you enjoy!

mp3 Trance Mana Fortress Beat (Secret of Mana)
Audigy and Techix - and

Once upon a time, I decided that the world needed to be blessed with a MIDI of "Give Love its Rightful Time" from Secret of Mana. This was nearly five years ago. Since then, I've had the pleasure of becoming employed at a wonderful company where we're encouraged to play around with music. I decided to bring this song in as one of our test files, and Techix and I loaded it up and redid the instrumentation and arrangement a bit using E-MU's beyond kickass synthesizer, Emulator X. Here is the result.

MIDI Classical Meeting the Friend
The Journey
Finale (Final Fantasy IX)
Niels van der Leest

I arranged a 3 part 'symphony' for my percussion group in Holland. Last month I made a live recording during a concert of this piece. I also made a movie for the piece, that was played while playing the piece.

Part 1: 'Meeting the friends'
Zidane's theme, Garnet's theme, Steiner's theme and Vivi's theme

Part 2: 'The Journey'
Night over Alexandria, Ice Cavern, battle theme, Melodies of life, Quina's theme

Part 3: 'Finale'
Rebirth of the evil mist, Skirmish with the silver white dragons, Combination of battle theme and Dark messenger


Most Wanted
   Anything at all! (SNES-era games preferred)


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