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Cinco Cinq!   05 May 2004
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There's good news, bad news, and other news:

The good news: in two weeks, I will no longer be a bad curator and actually do things as I say I will.

The bad news: next week is my exam week, so the 'Trick is being a bad curator' streak will continue through the next update.

The other news: I didn't fail my jury, as far as I can tell, so that means I'll still be paying an exorbitant amount of money to keep going to school next year. Also other news: while everyone who's 'cool' is going to E3 next week and attending concerts of nifty video game music, I'll be getting drunk (the nights before days on which I don't have exams). So, ha!

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Trance Pyramid (Dragon Quest III)
Tom Plets

It’s been awhile since I sent anything in. However I finally got back at it! The intro to this arrangement was inspired by one of the Zelda dungeon songs. I used strings, a flanged pan flute and a complete set of drums for a total number of seven samples. I’ll be attending the “Dear Friends” concert in LA so I probably won’t have anything sent for next week.

MIDI Classical Rising Sun (Final Fantasy Adventure)
Patrick Waters

Inspired by a recently-purchased cell phone with super-cool polyphonic ringtone abilities, I returned to my MIDI roots and did some arrangements of video game themes I wanted to put on my new phone. This version of Rising Sun was incredibly easy to put together, only using fifteen channels, each one written as monophony (each channel (excluding percussion) has at any given time only one note).

MIDI Classical Memory of the Last War (Lufia and the Fortress of Doom)
Patrick Waters

Another cell phone-inspired arrangement, this is, more or less, a very basic reduction of a much larger work that I arranged in mp3 format. I don't give away too many secrets about the larger arrangement in this smaller one, but those who have the capabilities to explore MIDI might (or might not) find it intriguing to compare the two arrangements.


Most Wanted
   Wedding march remixes (see this past update)!


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