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A whole lot of nothing   28 Apr 2004
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Well, it's a sad week, I must say. I've got nothing for this update, and hopefully, this isn't going to become a trend. I know I'm whining about this a lot, but if I wasn't so busy, I'd get on the horn to some comrades of mine in the gaming and music worlds to write some good arrangements and remixes. I'm sure everyone is busy now, anyway. That's right; just keep saying it, and it will be true.

On a personal note, I finally have recordings of some of my original compositions, and if anyone is interested in downloading them, send me an email and I'll respond with the link to the webpage with my music, which incidentally isn't too hard to figure out. I just don't want the bandwidth going nuts. Not like every patron of the Sound Test is interested in my music anyway.

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   Wedding march remixes (see this past update)!


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