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I am a fire engine!   14 Apr 2004
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MASSIVELY quick update this week. Mostly because I have MASSIVE amounts of school work to do.

Starting next week, I'll resume commenting on submissions as I had done before last week. Everything I got this week was really good and worth downloading. Next time, I'll give REAL comments on the music below as well as the music for the next update. I'm really sorry please forgive me it will never happen again I swear.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Piano Processional March (Final Fantasy VI)
Matthew Liam Smith

This is a wedding processional I wrote (and performed) for a friend's wedding in January 2004; the groom is a huge video game fan and the bride is particularly partial to the Opera Theme from FF6, so in this march I included the FF Main Theme (or the Bridge Theme as it's sometimes called) in the outer sections and the Opera Theme as a sort of bridal processional in the centre section. I also incorporated an Anglican hymn by Isaac Watts as a countersubject to the Opera Theme (listen to the third iteration in the C major section) and Rachmaninov's "church bells" motif (really just a repeated descending scale, but used prominently in at least three of his pieces).

I'd like to dedicate this piece, if I may, to the couple who walked down the aisle to it in January 2004 - Rick Healey and Georgy Cohen.

mp3 Piano Ballad of the Wind Fish ~Perfect piano arrange~ (Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening)
David Saulesco

This is part one of a two-part piano/orchestral arrangement of "Ballad of the Wind Fish". I'm very satisfied and rather proud of how it turned out. It starts with an introduction composed entirely by me, followed by the Ballad played very tenderly and softly. Finally, the piece closes with the Ballad again, played in a more chaotic and dramatic manner.

mp3 Classical Rondo (Dragon Quest III)
Tom Plets

Out of the titles Iíve played in the Dragon Quest series, I consider the 3rd to be my favorite. I wanted this arrangement to portray a large orchestra sound so I used as many instruments as possible. Although it is short (just 1:44) it took a great deal of time to finish.


Most Wanted
   A wedding march remix (see last week's update)!


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