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Neue Liebeslieder   07 Apr 2004
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    Pretty much done.

Another paragraph about my personal life: I had another piece played last night. It wasn't really played: more like sight-read by an orchestra and recorded. It was nice, and I was happy. I've been otherwise really stressed out with my undefined relationship with this person of the opposite sex and all the hassles of moving into an apartment, so if I have been or will be more despondant than usual, that's why.

Now about the music: I got an email from a reader who seemed off-put by my critiques and comments of submissions. Apparently, this reader believes I come across as being 'generally negative' and 'snobby'. The reader closes his email with a parenthetical remark, asking me to 'set aside the conservatory mindset'.

Well, it's true, and I admit this is true: I'm incredibly opinionated. I tend to express my opinions in a direct manner, although (hopefully) with enough diplomacy not to cause havoc or riots. I am a performer of all sorts of classical concert music, I am a composer and a music theorist, and I am a peer to a lot of those who submit music, as I am also a remixer and arranger.

And I make the updates here.

That's why I feel I have the right to comment and constructively critize the music that gets sent to me. But, since I'm unwittingly giving off the malodorous stench of haughtiness, I won't be commenting on your music anymore. Heck, it makes my job easier.

But anyway, I'm sorry if I made any of you hate me because of the crap I spew through my keyboard. Opinions are in no way truth, nor should they ever be construed as being such.

YET ANOTHER STUPIFYINGLY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: For the love of all things sacred, don't send me music directly ripped from soundtracks.

One more thing to take up your time before the music, a reader has made an intriguing request:

   I have a wedding coming up in a matter of a couple months (June), and my bride
   and I wanted to have her march down the aisle to the prologue from the final
   fantasy series (a.k.a the song they play in all the end credits/the game
   ending/bridge theme) Unfortunately, we're lacking in funds to have a band
   perform the song, and the version presented on Celtic Moon doesn't really fit,
   it's kind of hard to explain, but we can't really see her marching to it. I was
   thinking of blending the Prolouge in along with 3 other pieces: Aeris' Theme (FF7),
   The Theme of Love (FF4) and the opera song (FF6) Aria de Mezzo Caraterre. Also maybe
   a condensed version the crystal theme at the very beginning and the Prologue at the
   very end. If at all possible, I'd need it to be around 9 minutes long, trust me,
   it's gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOOONG walk.

I told him I would be willing to do this personally, but in the event I couldn't finish it on time, I wanted to make sure this loyal Sound Test-ite wouldn't be alone at the altar (pardon the pun). So EVERYONE help him out. Be sure to talk to Christian if you have any additional questions.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
it New Age Another Moon (Final Fantasy IV)
Justin Butler

This game was quite a bit to do. Anyone who has played this game will remember the way the trumpets in the background were and that shooting star that kept changing position. Anyway I finished this song, and it is out for your enjoyment! I'd like to hear from you guys!

mp3 Rock Lost Woods (Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past)
Tom Plets

I havenít done too much remixing this past week; however, I did do this short piece a few weeks ago. I split the chords into three notes per beat and then soloed them for an interesting effect on the intro, and then it continues for the rest of the song as well. I hope Iíll have more songs for next time, but for now, enjoy!


Most Wanted
   A wedding march remix (see above)!


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