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Feet Dragging   31 Mar 2004
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Another week of weird and fascinating things, so this paragraph is simply about me. I got the keys to the apartment I will be sharing with two other guys today. I put in an air mattress and my tuxedo, Clyde. Tomorrow--toilet paper, a pot, and my microwave. The past two nights I had some of my music premiered, and to great acclaim within my school. Me = happy.

About the music this week, there's a fairly eclectic selection from which to choose. CowTen has sent in two peculiar remixes, both with nifty little quirks that funkify his work. While distant departures from the originals, Belthasar and The LSD Conduct keep their own grounds. Good music to chill.

Christian Pacaud returns with another Xenogears piano arrangement. Not quite with the same nuance as his submission last week, but Bonds of Sea and Fire carries itself incredibly well, keeping Pacaud in good standing. While stylistically not my taste, it's worth it if you're into lush piano music.

Talon Blackfalcon, another newcomer, attempts to replicate the Cave Theme from Final Fantasy, but his other submission is a little more unorthodox, or at least including it in this update is unorthodox on my behalf. I'll let his comments explain it, but my ears are probably too sensitive to listen to it completely. Lots of potential, so keep them coming.

READ THIS, FOR IT'S STUPIFYINGLY IMPORTANT: All submissions must include '[Submission]' in the subject of emails now, regardless of inclusion of a file attachment. Whether you are submitting a music file, soundtrack review, or a link, you must have '[Submission]' in the subject. Be good.

ANOTHER STUPIFYINGLY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I broke one of our own guidelines by hosting something to which credit was not appropriately given. Fortunately, I was later informed of the source of the work, and now the work in question currently has its appropriate credit. I will not do this again, if only to protect those who are unaware of their music being re-made. Any submission that is inappropriately credited will be rejected with prejudice.

Have a good week!

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Trance The LSD Conduct (Final Fantasy VI)
CowTen - website

Before the start of the show, a pill was slipped into the conductor's drink. Although feeling dizzy, he decided that the show must go on... Remix of 'Aria Di Mezzo Carattere' from Nobuo Uematsu's Final Fantasy 6. (from Trick: RPGamer does not condone such behavior)

mp3 Trance Belthasar (Chrono Trigger)
CowTen - website

3 parts - 3 themes
1. prosperity
2. solitude
3. death

Remix of Belthasar's theme from Chrono Trigger.

mp3 Piano Bonds of Sea and Fire (Xenogears)
Christian Pacaud - website

This arrangement has a more "classical" vibe to it than June Mermaid and has a lot more fast runs and general obstacles. Aside from that, it is pretty similar in the sense that I played alot with the melody and the harmony, while trying to retain the original feel.

mp3 Classical Cave (Final Fantasy)
Talon Blackfalcon

I started this piece in tribute to the greatest final fantasy game writen for it's time. This is my first submition here to the RPgamer site.

mp3 Classical Forever Rachel (Final Fantasy VI)
Music by Chris Tilton & Stephen Kennedy, lyrics by Ryan Geiger; edited by Talon Blackfalcon

I found this song on the web a while ago. i am not sure who did this but i am impressed with the vocalists. I have edited it and added a little reverb making it appear live. I hope you enjoy. Again I do not intend to take credit for the song.

From Trick: Here is additional information on the song from Tim Bocek:

The Forever Rachel arrangement that [was] recently posted on the RPGamer Sound Page is based off an arrangement that was done for Project Majestic Mix ( It is the version of Forever Rachel from the Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu gold CD, with lyrics that were written for the original version of the song, but were left unrecorded due to licensing issues except for a practice session that was released early in the project. However, it appears that the vocals in this song are not the ones from the practice session - particularly, the female vocalist sounds different.


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