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Mon Calendrier   24 Mar 2004
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Lots of weird and fascinating things happening in my personal life, including getting an apartment and two of my compositions being premiered Monday and Tuesday next week. If you're in the New York City area and want to come, let me know.

Some very well-made remixes this time around. Tom Plets returns from a two-week break with a techno remix of the battle music from one of my top few favorite games, Dragon Quest. I personally really like where it goes toward the end--ferocious!

First-timer Christian Pacaud makes an enchanting first impression with his piano arrangement of 'June Mermaid' from Xenogears. Perhaps a little more rubato would make it slightly more intriguing, but as a whole piece, it's incredibly well executed. It should otherwise go without saying no one would be disappointed if he chose to do more of the same with other music from the game.

Everything I broke a few weeks ago should be fixed now. Should there be any broken links involving linkage to the updates themselves, email me the URL of the page with the broken link and the link itself. PLEASE don't email me about broken sheet music/tabulature links: they are already receiving my attention. Anything else that's broken should be sent to me.

With that said, enjoy the music!

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 trance Fight (Dragon Quest)
Tom Plets

This is my first remix from Dragon Quest! I tried to add some life to this old and very simple song, And the end result was quite interesting!

mp3 Piano June Mermaid (Xenogears)
Christian Pacaud - website

First submission here ! Yay ! I decided to arrange this particular piece because for some reason, this was my favourite theme from Xenogears and it always kept sticking in my head each time I heard it. I took a lot of liberties with the theme and the underlying harmony but it's still very recognizable. I hope you'll enjoy it ! If there's some demand for it, I might upload the sheet music too.


Most Wanted
   Music from older (pre-Final Fantasy VII) games!


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