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Blue Moon   17 Mar 2004
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Admittedly, trying to reorganize the past updates consisted of rather poor planning and foresight. Some personal stuff came up over the past few days, so work on fixing the broken links has been halted until after my huge 20th Century Music History midterm tomorrow. I'm guessing by Friday everything will be back to normal.

This week is a bit more sparse than the last, but not with less merit. Really Oldbie WildDrac gives us two piano remixes, both in the once-ragingly-popular-but-always-enjoyable MIDI format. The first, The Magic House, is a type of theme-and-variation form, lacking the technical difficulty of traditional theme-and-variation forms but still is a very listenable work. Dracula's Castle seems much more of an attempt to mimic the original music, rather than using creative license to the degree he used in his other work this week, but beside that, it maintains a lot of integrity as a MIDI remix because of its resemblance to the original. Perhaps someone can help him with his search for creating trackers...Keep at it, WildDrac!

I was inspired less than a week ago by a certain individual who wrote to Castomel at Q&A to write an editorial about video game music. I started writing a rant here, realized this page isn't a platform for me to voice my opinion on anything other than the music sent to me, and acknowledged that what I had written could be fodder for an editorial. Soon, I tells ya. Soon.

Oh yeah, happy Saint Me day. I should have made an open call for Gaelic remixes. Gah.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
MIDI Piano The Magic House (Final Fantasy VI)

It's been a while since I last submitted anything. Along the veins of my piano remix of the Final Battle from FF4, this is a piano version of The Magic House, the song that plays in Owzer's art gallery in the World of Ruin. I've always liked this song, and wanted a version of it that I could practice on the keyboard for fun. Enjoy.

It's a midi, I would make a digital format but I have neither a tracker or any idea how to make them. I personally like doing these piano mixes, and am currently planning one for the tiers Dancing Mad, I have always wanted to do that song.

MIDI Piano Dracula's Castle (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

I was looking through the music I'd done while getting ready to do some more, and came across this gem of mine. This is a piano remix of Dracula's Castle, the song that plays in the entryway of the castle in Symphony of the Night. I love this game, and this song, so I simply had to remix it to piano and submit it, though it looks like I forgot when I originally finished it. Enjoy!


Most Wanted
   Music from older (pre-Final Fantasy VII) games!


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