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Blaze Stargaze   10 Mar 2004
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My apologies for the sucking vortex of last week. The mail server was dumb, and now it's not dumb anymore. In fact, because of the dumbness, I have to ask anyone who sent anything not included in this update to send it again.

Moving on, I received some really nice submissions this week. Tom Plets has contributed to our Chrono Cross collection with two chill remixes, certainly making me wish I had my copy of the game with me still. I particularly enjoy the instruments used in Another World--nicely done!

Oldie Doby Gillis comes back briefly with a convincingly authentic tracker of the most recent addition to the Megaman Battle Network series. Very well done, indeed.

I made some promises that I would work on the sheet music for one of the piano pieces I included in an older update, but sadly it seems like it must be put off for much longer. But all will be okay, as long as you keep making good music for me to put up! Don't leave me hanging!

Update! (12 Mar 04): I re-arranged a lot of the older updates and tidied up the directory files a bit, and as a result, a lot of links to those past updates are kinda wacky, as well as tons of broken image links. Fortunately, I've kept the complete update archive page up to date, so that at least is still accurate and functional. Over the next week or so, everything will be repaired, so this is only an extended temporary operation.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Rock Another World (Chrono Cross)
Tom Plets

This is my first complete remix from Chrono Cross. I have a dulcimer playing the melody and strings to drag out each note after the dulcimer no longer sustains it. And it seems that no matter if the original song has drums or not I find adding them creates a much different feel, as is evident in this one.

mp3 Trance Opening (Chrono Cross)
Tom Plets

My second Chrono Cross remix! Done very much like the first plus I used most of the same samples. Its quite short in fact but I liked the final result.

it Rock Battle Theme (Megaman Battle Network 3)
Doby Gillis

i just recently played through megaman battle networks 3, and decided to use some of TSSF's samples from the first couple .it's to retrack it. I still haven't finished the stereo, and a couple of the bass notes may be off, so i'll submit a mastered version next week. enjoy!


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