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Slim pickings this week. Rarr. I got a few emails from people asking about sampling programs, software, composing in general, and a number of other topics that lead me to believe that there still is interest in showcasing your talents at rewriting your favorite RPG music tracks and making them essentially your own. Hurrah for that.

Tom brings us another Final Fantasy XI piece, and while I haven't personally be given an opportunity to ride an airship yet, his music gives me something to look forward to. Well done, indeed.

I tossed on a fairly old piano piece of mine, reworked to be a little more interesting and stylistically appropriate. I'll leave my additional comments on it below.

I figured out that the more music I archive from my own updates, the more the percentage of completion rises. Although proportionally, the archives will always be less than 100%, so nuts to that.

You may be wondering, 'Why does he keep complaining about those stupid archives?' There are lots of complicated things with the music here, what with files being named in a slew of different formats. Almost entirely without a doubt, I'm most afraid of the pages and pages Final Fantasy music that's been collected over the years.

I'm also full of hot air, and it's probably not as scary as it seems. It's just that every time I start working on the archives, I get a headache from trying to figure out the names of so many files, matching them with submitters by going through the Update Archives, and guessing as to how accurately I can pin a title to a piece. Nothing a school vacation couldn't handle. Too bad I'll be working for my Spring Break.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Rock Airship (Final Fantasy XI)
Tom Plets

There seems to be an upbeat sort of happy feeling to this piece. I added a string and bass part along with a more intricate drum. The melody however, is rather simple, with a rhythm guitar through out most of it, and a electric guitar on the repeat.

mp3 Piano The Cry of the Planet (Final Fantasy VII)
Patrick Waters

This piece was a submission for the Audible Vortex competition held here at RPGamer almost two and a half years ago. The competition required a 'multi-part compilation medley', and for this piece, I chose F.F.VII Main Theme, The Great Northern Crater, You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet, and a very brief reference to Who Am I?.


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