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Returned mail: User unknown   04 Feb 2004
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I received a whopping 1700 spam emails this week. I also received a whopping null-set of submissions, so I'm making a public service announcement instead.

If you're going to have an email account, know the consequences. There are malicious people in the world who like to see others suffer at the hands of entities known as 'viruses'. Granted their intentions might not be expressly malicious, the results of their actions are.

When you receive an email with a file attached to it, don't open it without knowing the contents. A little over six months ago, I got an email supposedly from my choir director here at school with a file attachment, saying that it was a game I should try out. Thinking it was harmless, although I was a bit surprised he would email me something so peculiar, I opened it and effectively nuked everyone in my address book with emails carrying the same file I had just opened.

Viruses, trojan horses, worms, et cetera, serve no purpose other than to cause chaos and destruction, to inflate the egos of those who create them, and (on a minutely justifiable level) to exploit security holes in computer programs. The creators are responsible for making the infections, but the common folk of email are responsible for preventing them from getting worse.

Since my birthday is coming up this weekend, I'm giving myself a week off from my computer as a present. I really expect some music by the time I get back. I'm very close to finishing the Lufia mega-arrangement, but I don't want to have an all-me update.

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