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Whoo, Fight Club.

An interesting selection of music this week, and since I'm tired of having some of my music waiting in case of an emergency, I've included something I finished over a year ago but never officially released. More on that in the notes below.

At any rate, amstrocity makes a comeback with the first .IT file we've had in a while, so remember that Sound Test still accepts tracker files. We're not all .mid and .mp3 here.

I was unaddicted to FFXI for a day, but now I'm readdicted. That's neither here nor there, though.

More about what's going on with Sound Test: I've gone through all my updates and added all that to the Archives, started working on some older ones, and gave up. I have an assistant of sorts who'll help me sort through the unhappy broken links, but ultimately, this is going to be a lifetime of work for me. I knew full well this would be a difficult task to handle, but I didn't realize how hard (and near impossible) it would be. Fortunately, I found some games without any music for me to archive, so that pumps the completion percentage up to more than two percent.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
IT Trance Esperville (Final Fantasy VI)

This IT is called "esperville"... it's an IT of Another World of Beasts from FF6 (an oldie).

mp3 Classical Terra's Theme (Overworld) (Final Fantasy VI)

this is the "overworld/theme" music to FF6 performed by myself (amstrocity) and recorded in MP3 format... it runs about 3:33. i've stopped tracking music for about 5 years now, but i'm sort of back (whenever i find freetime)... i don't really "remake" tunes or try to get "close" to the original. rather, i've always liked 'reinterpreting' squaresoft music (i guess that's the best way to say it) and present it in a way which is familiar and yet new (that's my goal, at least)... i've done lots of S3M work in the past, that's all i was known for... i'm sure by now everyone's forgotten who i am ;o) anyway, i do IT's and MP3's now. i'm submitting this to you because you're asking for music... so here's my contribution.

my website, which currently does not have HTML (imagine that), but *does* have music in the directory available for download can be found at (same as before, 5 years ago)... HTML's being written as we speak, but i'm having link troubles.

mp3 Trance Through the Dark (Chrono Trigger)
DarkeSword - website

A very chill mix of Manoria Cathedral and Wind Scene. This is the first time I've tried DnB style percussion, and I think it works really well under the smoother piano, flute, and guitar. Enjoy.

mp3 Piano Dragon Quest IV: Seven Fantasies for Piano (Dragon Warrior IV)
I Overture -- II Pastorale -- III Menuet -- IV Sea Breeze
V Elegy -- VI Tempest -- VII Finale
Patrick Waters

Over the course of two weeks in October/November 2002, I wrote these pieces at the piano by hand with every intention of possibly hearing a live performance in the future. While the pieces are technically difficult and each can function as stand-alone pieces, all are part of this 'Fantasy' set, with the sixth fantasy flowing directly into the last.

Although the alternation scheme was unintentional, the odd numbered fantasies are single-piece arrangements for the most part; what is written in the title is written in the music. The even numbered ones, though, consist of several pieces from the original soundtrack and are more programmatic, or depict something other than the music itself. A few of them (most notably Elegy and Menuet) have some sections I composed myself.

When I have the time, I'm hoping to write more Fantasies on the music of the Dragon Quest series, but for now, this half-hour (and change) of music is sufficient to my (and hopefully) others' needs. ^^


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