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'Ooo' or 'Oh-ee'?   21 Jan 2004
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There's little that needs to be said this week. That little amount, though, says a lot:

I have an addiction, you see. This past Saturday, I purchased something I never really wanted to purchase. Lately, I've been really homesick, and since I spent three weeks relaxing at home, I started remembering what it used to be like there when I was younger: playing a translated ROM of Final Fantasy V on the computer in the spare room, having my mom level-up my characters in Final Fantasy IV (then it was still just II), both of us screaming at the top of our lungs when we (collectively) defeated the Dragon Lord in the first Dragon Warrior...

I games. If you're anything like me, as you get older, your life changes. You don't do the things you used to do, like play the games, watch television, and do your homework before a reasonable hour. When you hit a significant year of your life (my next one happens to be coming up in two and a half weeks), you wonder...'What the heck happened to me?!'

This game that I now have come to love and hate is probably the one thing that I have right now reminding me of my youth, despite how such a statement is without any weight because I'm only almost twenty-one. I don't want to forget my younger years, but I don't want them clouding my vision of the future, which is an obstacle I feel a lot of gamers (specifically RPGamers) come across in their time.

The point of this is that you should never forget your age. And that Final Fantasy XI is the most addicting game I've ever played.

Oh, and there's some music this week. That, too.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
mp3 Rock Shevat - The Wind is Calling (Xenogears)
Sean Lute

This is my attempt at a kind of acoustic, Trigger-ish Shevat theme.

mp3 Classical The Grand Duchy of Jeuno (Final Fantasy XI)
Tom and Mark Plets

-2003!- Here is a simple remix from my favorite RPG of 2003. The intro starts with a mute bass leading into a basic drum, flute and strings for the most part. Many thanks to Mark for figuring out the song entirely by ear for me, so that I could remix it!

mp3 Classical Final Fantasy XI Prelude (Final Fantasy XI)
Patrick Waters

-2003!- I'm so addicted to this game. Even though a lot of the notes aren't technically practical for the pedals on the harp, I didn't feel like making too much of a deal out of it. Three harps in (more or less) canonic order, with appropriate note changes for changes in harmony.


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