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01 Jan 2004 - Oh So Quiet

Once again, the mail server went down this past week. My personal email address seems to have gotten a lot of attention lately, though; I received a record 1098 spam messages since the last update, most of which can be attributed to a video tape of a well-known daughter of a hotel magnate. I hate Paris Hilton.

There was a time, though, when the mail server was working. I managed to receive three fantastic remixes, one of which was supposed to have been delivered prior to last week but sadly just missed the update. I'll throw on another of mine for good measure.

For general knowledge, if you have sent me any inquiries within the past two weeks about anything pertaining to the site or submitting your music, I ask that you resend messages from which you haven't received a reply. Notice: Email is back online, so resume submitting music.

I'm also a day late because I wasn't expecting my dial-up to be so poor. Happy New Year!

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Final Fantasy/Christmas Medley (Final Fantasy series)
Tom Plets

This mix starts with the chocobo theme playing on timpani and with jingle bells playing in the background on a guitar. Then Battle with Gilgamesh comes in mixed with "Carol of the bells". After that, we have "A Great Success" (from FFVII) building up to "O Christmas Tree". The next part has "The Book of Sealings" (FFV) in the bass with "O come Emmanuel" playing on a piano. The whole mix then concludes with FFI game over song. Very bizarre!

Wild Rabbit (Final Fantasy XI)
Tom Plets

This was a very difficult and time consuming remix, but the result was well worth it! I went for a entirely trance remix of the unusual song they play in Ronfaure, just outside of SanDoria. The lyrics came from the intro movie, and were added using "sound forge".

Garden of the Gods (Chrono Cross)
Sean Lute

Just something I threw together last night after coming across a decent choir patch. It's more or less note-for-note, but should sound quite a bit better than the original. Besides, that's how I like 'em.

Memories of the Last War - Mvt III Riposo: Andante moderato (Lufia series)
Patrick Waters

Shameless self-promotion time. The third part of a five-movement digital concerto for orchestra based on Lufia music, this part is the most withdrawn of the entire work. Only the instruments of the brass family (three trumpets, four horns, three trombones, one tuba) were used in this movement, presenting Melphis' theme from The Legend Returns and the depressed town and ancient town themes from Ruins of Lure.


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