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24 Dec 2003 - 'Tis the Lesion

Yay, tomorrow's Christmas Day. And the mail server has been down, apparently. Sorry about that. I didn't do it, I swear.

I really thought I had more music this week, too. I would have bet on my life that there were at least five submissions in my inbox, but evidently I would have lost said life. I'm not usually a betting man, so this loss could have been especially poignant. I blame the server. So there.

Of the three submissions I do have, two of them are seasonal remixes. Huzzah!

Goodness, I have absolutely nothing else to say without my daily dose of spam to my RPGamer mail accounts.

...Happy holidays?

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Luna's Boat Song/Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Lunar: Silver Star Story)
Matt Bryant

It was really nice to do something other than a battle theme or a action-packed fast-paced remix for once, as that seems like all I've done recently. I really aimed to make this slow, casual, and easy listening.

The Boat Song serves as the primary lead, with HYAMLC's tune runs as a sort of bass-line, until the end when it takes over. It was excruciatingly hard to get the two tracks to sound decently together, and there are still one or two minor timing issues that pop up, but don't detract too much from the overall sound.

Other than the difficulty in putting the two songs together, there's really not much more about it to add. The Boat Song's instruments consist of a music box and electric piano, while HYAMLC's instruments are soft strings and the like.

As I said, it's slow-paced and mellow, and I really tried to make it Christmas-esque sounding. Hope you'll all enjoy it!

Melodies of Christmas (Final Fantasy IX)
Matt Bryant

It should be said right off that this isn't so much a remix as it is just an overly-simple revision. Using a piano and a music box, I tried to make a simple little tune that sounds akin to many Holiday jingles. I also sped it up considerably, and it sounds suitably simple, sweet, and innocent. Of course, after it was put together, there arose an unforseen side effect of listening to it..

And thus I give an EXTREME WORD OF WARNING. There is a drastically high chance of this seemingly innocent tune getting stuck in your head, but not in the pleasant way. In the "Oh God Please Just Give Me The Gun Because Death Is The Only Solace From This Insipid jingle That Demands To Run Through My Brain Endlessly" kind of way. Of course, your mileage may vary.

String Machine (Corel Prison Mix) (Final Fantasy VII)

A Trance arrangement blending the year 2000 Trance style and Uematsu's "Sandy Badlands" from the Playstation RPG Final Fantasy 7. I attempted to make a song capturing the lifelike/energetic feel that ran through the repetitive gender of trance, and mix it with the tune of Uematsu's Final Fantasy 7. It is remastered through fresh new mixing hardware/software.


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