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19 Nov 2003 - The truth about honesty

Man, what a crappy week and a half I've had. Just full of crap. Crap crap crap.

Even though I only summarized what I wanted to say last week, someone was cool enough to email me and say, 'Yo, help me out with MIDI.' That made me happy. For the time being, if any of you cats want some information on sequencing MIDI files, email me and I'll hook you up. Eventually, when my schedule isn't so crapful, I'll have a mini-MIDI tutorial for people to read without me having to copy-paste what I sent to that cool guy. Rock out.

Yeah, Turkey Day Break is coming up, and I'm psyched. Don't count on an update next week since I'll be taking a breather from New York, computers, and music for five days or so, starting the day prior to the next update. This doesn't mean you can slack off, though! I still expect lots of music.

Anyway, the music this week offers the usual variety of goodness and more goodness (they're both industry terms). Welcome to a newcomer who will hopefully send more music for us to enjoy.

Music Submissions -

This week's audio selections
Prologue Remix (The Final Fantasy Legend)
Matt Bryant

A simple orchestral rendition. Soft piano and choir pieces open the song, and as it progresses a string-heavy instrumentation begins, along with some synth that spices it up a little.

Battle with Culex Remix (Super Mario RPG)
Matt Bryant

I don't use brass instruments very often in my pieces, so I figured it might be worth a shot to try a little. :P The piece opens with the little winding up sound that earlier FF battle tunes started with (as well as the original Culex battle theme), but I've digitally mutilated it and repeated it thrice in succession, giving it a very strange sound. A twisted bass and low brass then kick in, and a heavy dance drum set. The piece then takes fully off with a distortion guitar an organ leading it all. Quite an unusual instrumentation, but the sound itself doesn't stray too far from the overall feel of the original piece (in other words, it still sounds a bit frantic and battle-ish)

Real Emotion (Final Fantasy X-2)
Tom Plets

This was very hard to put together, but it turned out rather nice! The biggest change, besides the fact that the lyrics where removed, is the completely changed drum. It consists mostly of strings and brass with a snare drum driving it to the end.

Stone Tower Temple (Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)
Dana Harris

Well I just started making songs today and so far I've made 5. Well this song I used four tracks to make, the taiko drums then I used the deep voice, and the synth strings and the harpsicord. It took me about 45 minutes.

Prelude for Two Pianos (Final Fantasy)
Patrick Waters

I did this piece about two years ago at the request of a friend online. My ideas went farther than the solo piano arrangement he was asking for, so I added another piano and incorporated ideas from other well-known renditions of the Prelude. Although the pan is drastic enough to audibly distinguish both pianos, I was able to easily adjust the brightness of each, the second piano being a little more mellow than the first.


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